Go figure

Friday late-night, I'm having trouble with the stylesheets - I had tried to fix them so that Firefox would display them correctly and suddenly the display is screwed up in both Firefox AND Internet Explorer. Not easy. Anyway I manage to get something going that will be somewhat presentable if viewed in both browsers (by putting some of the styles internally among other things) and I'm about to blog this success and then Blogger itself flips out and I lose my four paragraphs of stuff. Lesson learned: type your stuff in NOTEPAD first, then copy-and-paste into whatever application you're using. Sheesh.

Anyway I'm happy that I'll be able to launch publically this site by the first of the month, just in time for the U.S. presidential elections. Whoopee. Heh. I hope to eventually get the Beachlime message forum up but it's giving too much trouble at this present time. But stay tuned. I must say that overall though, I'm pretty pleased at what I've been able to throw in here - take that, Kieran... heh. There will be Dorothy's burgers served by the trayload, that's for sure.

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