Back to careless drivers, momentarily

Green hatchback (with cool England flag on rear), 10271. Feel free to use your indicator signal,... anytime...

Because it was Monday and things come in threes, I also witnessed a grey car and a motorcycle also fail to use an indicator before making a turn.

These roads are too narrow to be driving carelessly and we're going to see even more problems (I don't want to use the word accident as it implies that nobody is at fault) on Bermuda's roads until there's a serious crackdown on these offences.

I was reading the news about the Police actually enforcing a crackdown but was taken aback when one of the spokespersons for the Police talked about riding with a cellphone propped inside your helmet as if it was no problem. Shoot, if I was head of the Police, that would be one of the first things that I would ban. Again, I wonder if they're allowing it because Government ministers would be the first people to get booked. Woy.

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