Another local bank scam

It took a while, but the scammers are now trying me for Butterfield Bank (the multiple CapG ones I suppose are old hat). Now I actually do have an account there (no, there's very little cash there and the sooner I get out of it the better), but the scam is still laughable:
Dear Customer !

Due to added security measures on our banking and transaction servers, your account has been disables and auto selected for verification. Your attention is required to reactivate your bank account immediately.

[link removed]ACTIVATE NOW -:[/end link]

Thank you,

Bermuda - Butterfield Group
How nice. They even had an official-looking logo in the header portion of the message. However, they still fail the spelling/grammar test, the provide-enough-bank-jargon test, and make it all-too obvious it's a scam with the big "ACTIVATE NOW" link (which then fails the link-masking test too). Pretty desperate.

Try again, scammers.

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