The ICC's master plan closer to fruition

Not many in Bermuda are likely paying any notice to this, but international cricket is on the verge of turning on its head, thanks to the power brokers in India, Australia and England.

A proposal has been put forward which will essentially see all aspects of control of top flight cricket run through a bloc of the three most powerful (read: wealthy) nations. Monies ordinarily used to promote the game in the other Test-playing nations as well as the remaining 96 countries with national cricket boards, would divert back to the Big 3 instead.

What would this lead to?

  • The Big 3 playing full Tours amongst themselves; the remaining Full members would have to be content with scraps and handouts (India will throw enough bones at Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to retain their support, likewise Australia and New Zealand, most likely)
  • A two-tier Test structure, with the caveat that the Big 3 can never be relegated to the second tier (because of their financial clout)
  • The Associates, with even smaller pieces of the pie, would see themselves never being more than bit players at the table... Ireland, meet your glass ceiling... Zimbabwe watch out for the trap door
  • With more limited opportunities to play at the top level, the non-Big 3 nations would see their revenues and skill levels continue to diminish. The next Misbah-ul-Haq would have to ply his trade in the IPL, at best. The next Brian Lara may have to try to repatriate to England.
The whole thing is disgusting and disturbing for the game as a whole, and this Cricinfo article by J. Kimber covers much of why people who love the game should be concerned. I can only hope cooler heads can prevail and prevent a great sport from being defiled in such a manner.

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