Is this why the PLP Blog was on hiatus?

...because the MPs or Senators who may ordinarily be worthy contributors to such a tool are instead focusing their energies on op-eds in overseas online publications?

This seems like a most strange and unusual practice from a major political party of *any* country, not just Bermuda.

Why would they choose an audience majorly not in Bermuda to promote their op-eds versus the various local online (or print) sources, including their very own public party website? It just baffles the mind, and I can't comprehend, regardless of the actual content within, why this route would have been taken by sitting MPs and Senators.


J Starling said...

Pretty much every single article there from the PLP was first featured on either Bernews or the Sun. Some have had a preface attached, but from the sampling I skimmed through, they were all previously published in the Sun or Bernews.

The site itself appears to be essentially a news aggregator.

I don't see anything sinister in this at all - although I am always sinister of those who make claims of 'unpatriotism'. Reminds me far too much of the US's House Un-American Committee a la McCarthy and the Red Scare.

Tryangle said...

Some of the ones I saw were indeed sourced from Bernews or the Sun, but the ones that specifically call upon their Caribbean friends to aid them in protest, etc, those ones are what caught my eye. Why would there be separate and distinct messages for that readership with nothing in the local online avenues?

I'm not part of the "It's Unpatriotic" brigade of course, that clarion call is just as much sensationalism as anything else you see.

J Starling said...

The only ones I saw like that were in the context of commercial immigration, and I read them to be an appeal for intellectual assistance.

Commercial immigration has been in place in some parts of the Caribbean for years now - I saw it as an appeal for feedback on how it's been and the struggles against it.

To me this whole thing is an attempt by the OBA to deflect from their very real problems of incompetence here.