UK Overseas Territories - good reading

A little while back, Catch-A-Fire pointed out a site devoted to discussing the concerns of UK Overseas Territories, hosted by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the UK.

I've just now gotten to read it and encourage any Bermudian who stumbles across here to give it a peek as well. There are posts that are quite relevant to Bermuda and it's interesting to see several parallels with the Cayman Islands, for example.

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J Starling said...

Unfortunately I understand the deadline for submissions is 2359hrs, December 31st, 2011. So, anyone wanting to contribute needs to do it pretty quickly.

To be honest though, despite the deadline, I'm sure that if they get a deluge of submissions even following the deadline they will try and incorporate them in their writing of the proposed White Paper.

I think the FCO could have done a far better job in advertising it though. For example, would it have been that hard for them (perhaps through the Governor who officially represents them and is pard $250k a year for what exactly?) to organise a series of town hall meetings in each UKOTs to facilitate discussions?

Anyway, I have sent my submission off to them about an hour ago. It pretty much was a cut and paste of my post, with only the minor addition of enquiring to what degree the UK could facilitate a greater naval force for the Regiment.

I certainly encourage others to send in their submissions on this though!