Another view of the Bermuda blogosphere

Catch-A-Fire has taken my occasional musings of the local blogosphere to a new level, with a specific focus on political and social blogging (as would be expected, after all, the majority of well-known Bermuda blogs are political in nature; there aren't any sports blogs anymore, and personal blogs remain pretty much anonymous).

When the established online newspapers allowed commentary on articles, they became the de facto blog and forum alternatives for much of the online community - to the point that many people mis-label themselves as bloggers when they comment on article threads. That said, we still don't know if the collective posters represent Bermuda as a whole or a distinct subset (or as some suspect, paid operatives meant to skew discussion deliberately).

All in all, more is good, however. More voices means more ideas get thrown out there. Just have to know which voices are malicious and tune them out appropriately.

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