Improving cricket in Bermuda

We need to find a way to get Garry Sobers to Bermuda more often.

Despite every cricketer of significance saying that 'open' cricket is a better development tool for players than the wham-bam-slam 20/20 format currently popular, Bermuda seems to hem and haw at the concept, which is so simple, Geico's already running ads on it.

Seriously though, playing cricket over longer periods is a good thing, despite what many current local players seem to think. The BCB need to find some way to encourage participation in two- or three-day competition, even if it's added monetary awards for participation.

Hopefully the new executives there will heed the wise words of Sir Garfield and others - and if it's something that can also be included at the youth/school levels, then all the better.

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Tom said...

I agree that cricket should be improved in Bermuda