Bus ticket kiosks, please

So today I'm at the bus terminal. Need to buy some tickets, and the 5pm bus is about to leave. I go to the ticket booth, nobody's there. Odd, I think. So I find the supervisor there and ask if there's someone manning the ticket booth. She points at a woman who is chatting with some people in one of the shelters. Ok.

I walk up to her, give a customary (and genuine) 'Good afternoon' and ask her if she's manning the ticket booth. I KID YOU NOT, the woman turns around, grins broadly, and says, "When I am ready.".

When I am ready.


Too stumped to get angry or react in any other fashion, all I do is stand and wait and eventually the woman ducks into the area for the ticket booth. I purchase said tickets and board the bus in time.

I'm still stunned at this turn of events, but it gives me impetus to once again claim that PTB ought to replace the current setup with actual kiosks, which have the benefit of being available outside of 'working hours' (9-5:30 weekdays and Saturday I think), plus, should free up the ticket booth staff to either do other tasks or simply be cut. I dunno. A real irritant to what was otherwise a pleasant afternoon. Yes, small budget, but maybe cutting salary would be a good long term benefit.

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Wookie said...

Ain't Unionization grand!!!