Getting out of the web design business

I had a regrettable experience late last year with a proposed website design for a local group, the type that made me aware of the pitfalls that I could end up with.

Things like agreeing to contracts before doing any work, even at a "1 week to mock a couple of layouts" level. Getting no direction from the prospective client. Getting caught up in mixing business with personal favours.

Yeah, I think my career path going forward (independent of full time work in whatever capacity I'm called in) must be to go far away from design elements and stick with either pure content/data retrieval, or nothing at all.

Subjective stuff is fickle. Hard data, and manipulating it, you can't argue with the end product. And besides, then you can get someone else with the design desire/aptitude to do that stuff in the end.


Wookie said...

I feel for ya...
In a past life, I was building .asp pages for an internal Intranet. Real fun, simple CSS & formatting, enjoyable.
Then some sparkplug wanted an Extranet-like site built & pointed at ME...took me 6 months + 10,000 phone calls before I bailed on that project!!!

Mumtaz said...

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