Not much to see here

Updated the Road Hog URL just now, the Wookie has updated the design as well. Also, got back on a volleyball court for the first time in about 10 months. Fun, but I still need to get on the yoga/pilates/P90X/whatever they say gets the fitness thing going. I'm not in my late teens anymore and definitely do *not* have my sand legs.

In other news, Min of Ed is slicing the number of teachers, after all the talk about making education about 'teaching and learning'. No corresponding slicing of the Ministerial bloat. Ah, let the beurarcracy live on, I suppose.

Serious road traffic collisions appear to be on a slight rise of late, but judging on the comments on Bernews and the Gazette, any suggestion that driver fault could be at least partially to blame gets shot down... it's the road, or the car.

And in politics, PLP members are floating Independence yet again as a cure for certain social ills, the 'new' OBA is,... I don't know where they are, and the UBP leader saunters on vigorously despite his list of Parliamentary allies shrinking to 1.

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