More pedestrian crossing follies

Not too long ago, the powers that be constructed a pedestrian crossing in Paget near the Treetops nursery school. Awesome, huh?

Wait, two problems.

First, there appears to have been zero signage erected notifying drivers of the approaching caution. Oversight, perhaps? Or no budget for new signs?

Secondly, they placed the crossing in a place where one of the bus stop poles is directly perpendicular to. Didn't they learn their lessons from the craziness of pedestrians trying to cross the street behind (or in front of) a stopped bus? Couldn't they have built the crossing 20 yards further?

Where's the common sense with the powers that be?

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Matthew Davies said...

Hi BeachLime Bermuda,

I noticed over at bermudasucks.com that you once mentioned that you think you still have a copy of "Chingas! Routine Check" knocking about - I've been looking to get hold of a second hand copy of that board game for a while. Don't suppose you do actually have an old copy of that that you'd be willing to sell would you?