State of the Blogosphere

I guess the state is good, in a sense. The chief political blogs, politics.bm, Vexed, and Catch a Fire remain active and continue to post interesting commentary on things in Bermuda (mostly political, one or two not). 21 Square is also active and always makes for good, informed reading.

On the other side, it's unfortunate that New Onion, Wishful Thinking, Bermuda Fables, Jewel and Devil Island have been relatively quiet of late, then again you could say the same for my own piece of the Bermuda blogosphere. Can't speak for others, but where I'm concerned it's probably a good combination of apathy to Bermuda's goings-on and my own personal frustrations (some of which I attribute to Bermuda's leadership, unfairly or not).

BIAW I suppose, remains steady in its own role, a smallish online mini-community, that continues to share comments. I don't know if the readership has grown or diminished over the last few months, but the number of contributors appears to be the same as previous.

With the advent of Facebook groups and the presence of Bernews as a quick go-to for virtually anybody with a computerized device to browse and comment, you wouldn't dare say that the online community has faded by any stretch. I think it's grown in quantity although there's still little cohesion or organisation of thoughts and ideas into anything of substance, yet.

One could conceivably ask now, is the blogosphere relevant in terms of Bermuda discussion points? I would say yes, but clearly I'm coming from a position of bias. So too, may any comment from a known blogger. The politicians likely would tend to hope for these mediums to fade away - commentary from people you can't control is a threat, presumably. But hey, we're all voters too... and there are more of us than they think there are.

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