Shocking - 'Gaming' recommended

It's pretty convenient that Government consultants came up with a Green Paper that outlaid the Government leaders' wishes to a tee while offering significant olive branches to those who would ordinarily be against gambling as a whole in Bermuda.

Taking a look via the Gazette article:
  1. a casino is recommended, especially in the (soon-to-be taken-over) City.
  2. the olive branch to church groups by recommending against a national lottery (even though Bermuda already has at least one - it's called 'Bermuda Bingo'.
  3. the other olive branch being the no Internet Gaming stance. The most 'Duh' moment of them all, one would think.
I'd link to the Green Paper hosted on the Govt portal, however it's currently inaccessible (how surprising). Ooops. Vexed luckily has it uploaded on their site.

It's as clever as you can get with regards to trying to win over PLP MPs who opposed the original plan to allow cruise ships to open on-board casinos while in port. By emphasizing the importance of casino gambling to tourism, the argument becomes more one of neccesity and less of morality.

Spending $300,000 on this pre-determined research however, just seems wasteful. Everyone on this rock knew what the 'findings' were going to be, but no matter. Consultants rule.

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