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I'm kind of disgusted that it's been over 200 days since I last picked up a volleyball. sigh. I know Bermudians don't get it, but I'm still a bit upset. Not like I'm in any shape to be any good to anybody right now, of course. It's all about motivation, though.

Bowling though, probably a lost cause. Even though Warwick Lanes is a 5 minute drive away.

Rearranged my Online Community links somewhat slightly. Bringing back New Onion, which is a cleanly-designed site, with posts categorised neatly and the topics always of local interest. Finally got around to removing Prog Minds, which is effectively dead. At least they got rid of the spam posts.

I still think we'd be better served with at least a couple more local blogs run by females. Discounting Jewel, we only have two or three (Vexed Bermoothes I still don't know about, honest). Again, the proliferation of Facebook discussion areas (I can't call them forums or boards) may have shifted the scope of local opinion sharing away from traditional blogs or forums. So we may not see any new blogs in the near future, unfortunately.

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