Random thoughts of the week - Budget and more

  1. The Budget statement doesn't inspire confidence. Cutbacks of significance weren't announced, instead the public (employees and employers) is being asked to shoulder a bigger load in this climate. All businesses, both local and foreign ones operating here, are being told to shoulder a bigger burden. Retailers for one can't be happy.
  2. I am strangely fascinated with Olympic curling. Since NBC continued with their dramatic stories form of televised coverage I was lucky to get this (British?) telecast on one of the cable channels which showed tons more sport. The Sweden-Canada women's final was compelling. Of course, it's not really TV-friendly but the telecast suited me just fine.
  3. The Southlands-Morgan's Point situation has turned ugly really, really fast, or at least that's how it appears in the headlines. Most likely the developers have been stewing for a while on the lack of a resolution and right now nobody's happy at the situation.
  4. I think the BDA Party is getting there, but needs to step it up even more. Right now they're still not at the level needed to realistically challenge the PLP in an election, rather they're just splitting the old UBP support block. Swing voters overall still have to be convinced that they're truly viable.
  5. Kellon Hill's murder looks more and more like a situation where justice won't be achieved in the courts. I feel terrible for his family and friends.
  6. Avoid Lindo's supermarket in Warwick on Saturday afternoons. Checkout lines extending into the aisles. Maddening... although it beats MarketPlace in town on Wednesdays easily.
  7. Global catastrophes seem to be more frequent or immiment nowadays. It's scary to think that disaster is potentially so close.
  8. We need more hangars at home. Yeah, throwing a *really* random thought out there.
  9. I cannot recall the last time I went to a local movie theatre. I guess it's sad, but either there's no "must see now" movies out there or the prices have just gone past high and into crazy territory. At least Specialty/Little sells nachos now, right?
  10. Babies at home reduce your sleep allotments, test your resolve when they pee everywhere and can possibly cause more stress,... but I won't trade him for anything.


J Starling said...

You know, I too was captivated by the Sweden-Canada match. It was the first curling event I've actually watched and I had it on initially just for background noise. I'm a big fan of boules, so it was similar, and while at first I was dismissive of the game as a sport it was strangely good to watch. Glad I'm not the only one who thought that!

Did you mean 'hangers' as in for hanging clothes or 'hangars' as in for aeroplanes? It radically changes the context and I wasn't sure. If its for clothes I tell you I always think I have neough and then realise I don't. It's amazing really.

Tryangle said...

Whoops - typos finally got me. While I don't know enough about the civil aviation facilities here to offer thoughts, I'll clarify that I meant 'hangers' for my assorted clothing. I always end up short.