Post 501 - another dump fire?

Back from a nice honeymoon and wading through the usual muck and grime that is politics in Bermuda. Right now I'm more tired than anything considering what's going on with the powers that be. Come on, Government, get it together. Are they aware of the dissatisfaction with the general public? Stop the pettiness and do the jobs that you were elected to do.

And good lord, moving the date of a national holiday with a month's notice? How freaking irresponsible is that? Even if it is the correct decision, you can't just manufacture such an important change of date on such short notice. This isn't even taking into account businesses that are affected, it's also individuals who've already planned holidays or scheduled other events. Seems like a feeble attempt to win some public sentiment, done on a whim and advised by whatever PR firm we taxpayers are paying to make the government look prettier.

Anyway my 501st post on Blogger is inspired by the very disgraceful news that there has been yet another fire at the old Pembroke Dump. What the hell? It's been what, two years since we had Mount Doom taking place and the promises of sorting out the situation, and boom, we get another fire at that site. Who is running the show over there? Or is this yet another totally random and unaccounted-for "accident" that takes place on the island.

Glad to be back on the rock.

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