GP1 and the rest of us drivers

The Gazette has noticed that GP1, the official car of the Premier, has been spotted breaking the laws by parking illegally on Washington Street and at a later date double-parked on Reid Street. Some folks are totally up in arms about the hypocrisy of the Minister of Transport deliberately violating traffic laws.

Ordinarily I'd be inclined to join them, but the sheer fact that only when GP1 is seen breaking the law that such a story makes headlines doesn't sit well. Our whole society when it comes to being on the road is pretty disgusting. We in Bermuda have been breaking that law on going up Washington Street for many years, and that was well before it made the newspapers. It took the bus drivers going on strike to draw the attention of the Police and actually discourage people from using that road as a thoroughfare.

Double parking? That's been a national past-time for years in town. Nothing gets done and drivers don't make the effort to obey the law. It's convenient to do so, so impeding other vehicles and pedestrians is of small concern to the public.

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