Embracing the technology

While coming to grips with the fact that our court/legal system may be too antiquated to immediately implement new and useful legislation on the use of cameras on our roads, I soon observed a common experience while out and about.

The MarketPlace is Bermuda's largest grocery chain, yet when you compare some of its service offerings to other local outlets you tend to wonder exactly why.

Namely, the lack of technological advances in pricing of goods. Lindo's, Arnold's and Supermart, for example, all use electronic readers at the checkout counters. Meanwhile MarketPlace relies on the old slap-a-sticker method. Which means longer wait times when a sticker falls off and the person has to call a supervisor to run down the aisle to find the price of the item we're trying to buy.

I know, small island, is it worth it, etc. Other retailers seemed to think so, however. Yet we have businesses operating on the island, long-standing ones at that, that don't even accept credit cards as a form of payment. It's a little bizarre - maybe the TechWeek people have a study going on about that situation.

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