Copycat hoax emails in Bermuda

There's an email hoax going around little Bermuda right now. Someone emailed me a message saying that a local Chinese/Asian restaurant was being shut down because they found rats being prepared for consumption...

Yeah, you can guess. Here's the actual hoax, via Snopes.com.

Some person had all the free time on their hands to dig up a hoax report on the web, change some of the details so it has that local feel, and spread it across the island. If I owned the restaurant I'd be pretty ticked off.

Then again, we were gullible enough to believe that a tsunami was going to hit the island via a series of SMS messages, so heck.

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Comes with the territory, I guess. We're so apt to believe things living on a small island.

And who on earth has that much time on their hands? Then again it is a small island and somebody must have been real bored.