Breaking and entering

It should be quite concerning that the number of break-ins and burglary attempts in Bermuda has risen in recent months. I can't even fathom the mindset that goes into deliberately trying to steal something of value from another person, whether stranger, acquaintance or even a relative!

It's something to be taken very seriously.

With resources seemingly thin, I don't know what the police can do, it's probably similar to the road safety/traffic enforcement situation. So they tell potential victims to be extra vigilant in protecting their properties. That's all good, but no guarantee.

The other day my good friend was a victim of a car break-in, one of several that occurred that day, at the Bulls' Head car park. No valuables were left behind, yet the car windows were busted and a crowbar used to pry the door open to search. Here's where I ask why isn't there any noticeable form of security at this car park? CCTV cameras? Even one of those 80-year old 'security guards' patrolling regularly? That's a case for Corporation of Hamilton/Police to discuss, at least.

Perhaps, it explains why there may still always remain a demand for rottweilers and pit bulls and other perceived aggressive dogs on the island, as a simple matter of protection.

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