Things out of hand

Didn't work out too well, our warm-up match against England. Bermuda were totally embarrassed and it's going to be a long road to gaining respectability when the tournament begins next week.

I saw a smidgen on one of the TV news shows the other night concerning the return of extremist-style leaflets calling for revolution. The blog Catch-A-Fire recently commented on this, and really, I've already given this more time than it deserves in my radar. Fact: there's too much xenophobia being exhibited among the community.

I just discovered the other day that I'm grossly underpaid. Well, I knew that in the first place, but seeing it in actual print has lit a bit of a fire udnerneath me. I allegedly get superior medical and dental benefits by working where I am, but since I haven't had a doctor's visit in a year and my teeth are in great shape, what's the point? I'm worth more than they've been giving me credit for. Grr.

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