Gazette's CWC coverage so NOT superior

Sad, sad. The Gazette's sports editor was so boastful in how his media outlet was going to wipe the floor with the other local media houses with superior coverage of the Cricket World Cup. Anyway, there's a "live scoreboard" link which actually directs the reader outside of the Gazette and to Cricket Europe's scoreboard. I mean, anybody in the world can put that on their personal website and claim to be a sterling provider of scoreboards. Sheesh.

Even their headline is badly written:

"On match days, ball-by-ball updates will be available on thI>Gazette website,..."

Seriously, go to Bermuda Sun. At least they did it totally in-house instead of piggybacking off other external sites. They provide a sports ticker underneath their banner which is perfect reading. Not even Islandstats offers this service.

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