Internet Explorer upgrade - argh

I was putting off upgrading to IE7 for the longest time. First, I had Firefox, which works fine, is CSS-compliant and has a ready-made e-mail client available for download. IE6 was totally non-functional - it crashed whenever I visited an Internet website that *wasn't* microsoft.com so it made it totally easier to just ignore the program.

Unfortunately, I had to upgrade my anti-virus, Norton. For some stupid-ass reason, I was unable to purchase the upgrade using Firefox. Completely bewildered, I decided to download IE7 and see if I could get in. Lo! and behold, Symantec's website apparently was designed for IE and I was able to submit my purchase successfully.

But that's when the crap started. By default, the menu bar was missing. Why? Stupid decision, MS monkeys. And there's no way to arrange the toolbars the way you want.

Secondly, and totally unknown to me, pop-ups are blocked by default, and I didn't realize it until I actually brought up the menu bar, checked the Options and noticed it. By then my download attempts had expired and now I'm stuck waiting on the Norton people to provide me with some way of reattempting the download.

Both Symantec and Microsoft are on my crap list.

Many other reasons why the latest IE sucks are posted here and here.

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Anonymous said...

Yup, I switched over to Trend Micro and loved it so much that it's now my company's standard for A/V protection. IE7, wouldn't even poke it with a stick. I use either Firefox or SlimBrowser both are good at what they do.