They're finally getting a clue about drivers

Is it kosher to say that I'm pissed off about bad urinal habits?

Fellas, stop spitting your gum into the urinals. There's usually a trashcan nearby, so show some control. Custodians already have to deal with a bunch of crap and this nasty habit is easy enough to curtail.

Anyway, in a sign that perhaps people are actually getting it, this Gazette report says that the Bermuda Police fear that people would rather pay the fine rather than cut their speed on the roads.

Duh. How long have I been saying that?

It also applies to parking (double-parking) but nobody in the position to make changes has yet acknowledged this publicly. I've already said that the Dejon Simmons story hasn't affected the population, so it ought to be realized that we can't trust Bermuda's drivers. It may be unpopular, but when lives are at stake you have to take the initiative. It's time to impound vehicles on the spot, raise the fines, and suspend licences for longer periods of time.

Anyway, I'm done for the time being. Read the Gazette Editorial.

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