My 2007 Hope-To-Do List

  1. I've been asked to build two websites already. I hope to accomplish that, and wouldn't it be a cool acomplishment to get that done (under the Beachlime banner) before the end of January?
  2. Revitalise the Forums. I had problems maintaing them and making them grow because of all the spambot attacks. If I can decide on an identity (ie Bermuda-centric, Caribbean-centric, personal or all-encompassing) then I'll have some motivation to proceed with a relaunch.
  3. Follow my damn heart and instinct for once :-)
  4. Get my ass in the damn gym already
  5. Car? Ought to even if just for the occasional drive.
  6. Save properly
  7. Put more effort into developing my career, especially if it involves opportunities abroad
  8. Enjoy life more, and spend less time worrying about ifs and buts
  9. Help somebody in an unfortunate situation. I mean, like Haiti-poor, not "I need a new dress"-poor.
  10. Try to be healthy physically and mentally. That probably includes getting sleep at night :-)

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