Yes I'm a big dork

Tonight, first Happy Hour at Fairmont Hamilton Princess. Also, new happy
hour going on at the former Pier 6. Plus the usual Friday post-work
Happy Hours at Lemon Tree, Cafe Cairo and several other places. Also
worth mentioning, a speed-dating event at BUEI.

Me, I decided to do something by myself and not get caught up in the
whole meet-and-mingle-bit over a drink. Went to watch some volleyball,
which I hadn't done in at least a year. Bermuda's women's team played a
friendly against a team called Halifax Xplosion from Canada and it was
fun to relax and watch the game and meet some of the guys that I played
with back when I was big into local volleyball. I want to get back in,
eventually. More on that later.

So yes, I'm a big dork. Went to watch volleyball solo instead of being
all social with the crowds. Que sera, sera.

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