Irrelevant sports

I realize that in this hemisphere, track and field is something only looked at around Olympic time, but I was surprised to find out during a random search that American Justin Gatlin broke, then was credited with only equalling, the 100m world record.

The title of "world's fastest man", just isn't something that's noticed by those in North America, even when the owner is a bona-fide American. Amazing. I wonder if it was big news in Jamaica where the current world record holder, Asafa Powell, is a citizen.

Congrats to Bermuda for winning their inagural one-day international cricket match against Canada. While Bermuda still doesn't have a facility capable of hosting a ODI, it's good that the side has gotten off to a good start to hopefully a lengthy period at the upper-etchelons of cricket. Too bad they lost the second match comprehensively to Zimbabwe.

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