Relationship failings

Over the course of the past week I've taken some time to reflect on what happened to not only destroy a fluttering romance but kill off a worthy friendship as well.

I think in hindsight that persistence in trying to make something more out of a sinking ship may have contributed to the eventual anger, bitterness and resentment that arose on all sides and caused a bunch of utterings that shouldn't have been said.

I've tried to not look back and wonder why, but I can't. Maybe we all need some form of closure. Maybe soon it will happen. Maybe not. They say time heals wounds.

I cannot regret the experience overall and think that for me at least it will benefit me long-term. I'm so sorry it had to end in such a horrible fashion - mistakes were made on both sides and although I think that even the lightest of friendship/acquaintance situation is unlikely, some civility can possibly achieved in light of the many positives attained during the experience.

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