Autumn is here

November rolled in, and the temperatures took a quick dive. Time to break out the sweaters and put away the fans.

Daylight Savings Time is over for another year, and now we're back in sync with the rest of the world that remains on one time for the entire year. I still think Barbados could find it useful, but I do admit it's for selfish reasons. Because there's no way I can get up and run around at like 5 a.m. To me, daylight at 7 p.m. is far more useful.

I'm Booking the female rider of BD 247 because she not only saw a red light and sped up to get through it, but surely the one-handed riding and dangling her cigarette with her free hand surely must constitute some offense along the due care laws, right? Anybody?

Another day, another Halloween. It's interesting to compare how this time of year is dealt with in Bermuda and Barbados. Here, we're fully Americanised. Trick-or-treating, of course, with the counter of egging and other public disturbances, although I haven't yet heard of anything major just yet. Barbados, as far as I know, goes the other way. The day after, All Saints' Day, which is of course supposed to be the anti-Halloween, gets more publicity of sorts. Halloween is a virtual non-event there, I believe. I need to analyse it deeper, I think, but the contrast is interesting.

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