Stupid People Part LXXVII

Here's a neat little trifecta: waiting until making the turn before signalling, followed by driving your SUV down the middle of a two-lane street so that nobody can do anything, then ignoring the pedestrian crossing while someone was preparing to cross. Driver of 65388, you're Booked. Silly fella.

Here's another irritant at work: the use of all-caps. It just pisses me off sometimes. I received a message intended for someone with the same name as myself. The twits on the other end never bothered to check if they were sending this high-profile, confidential message to the right person. Anyway, I am busy trying to come up with an auto-reply script to all those people in Lotus Notes when I receive this follow up to tell me that they meant to send it to the other guy. Firstly, Duh. And Secondly, they're all "PLEASE disregard and delete" with all-caps. Okay. I can read. English is my first language. Shouting a word is not going to make it more visible or more urgent to me. It comes across as being bitchy about it. Ugh.

New rule: any e-mail message that consists of all-caps, the misuse of the word "its/it's" or abuse of quotes, i.e. "Thank You", gets sent to the Trash Bin. Stupid users.

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