Wilmington's liveable

So I took the past week to visit the United States, precisely, northern Delaware. It's the "First State", of course. And I barely won a side-bet that it did indeed have an Atlantic coast. My status as a geography nut was at stake there. Serious stuff, heh.

Being suburbia/small town for the most part, it appealed to me the way that I couldn't imagine a big city like Philly, New York or London being. It's close enough to a large city and close enough to rural areas and is quiet enough I think for where I could see myself residing if I was to leave for someplace totally new.

Spent way too much money over the week, including a new suit, tons of Playstation video games and a new flat-screen TV, but I'm not going to let myself worry about it too much, although the money could have been used for my perennial house-watch funds. Sigh.

Two things recently disturbed me. First, I was in a theatre watching the cute and funny Wallace and Gromit movie in theatres and lo! and behold, grammatical errors arose when the Wallace character picked up the local newspaper and the dreaded misuse of the word "it's" was in full glory. We are doomed if even the animators of children's flicks are screwing things up for the youth.

And Terrell Owens. Ugh. I won't give his situation any more credit than it deserves. But for Jesse Jackson to comment on it, good lord. Please, Reverend, find a more worthy cause to support. After all, the guy's got more money than 99.9% of your country's population.

Today, I've read about the call from Alabama's governor to boycott Aruba in support of Natalee Holloway's mother. Oh please. They're giving southerners a bad name with this silliness. While I do not condone causing any harm to anybody, what about all the situations in your own state and country where crimes go unsolved and killers get free on technicalities? This blog covers many of my feelings on this matter. Hm, and no mention of warning teenagers of travelling to unknown regions, drinking underage, conversing with strangers without any sort of guardian figure around at all? Twits.

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