Cast off - Road to Recovery - Day 8

Progress, folks. My first physio appointment was relatively brief. We checked the ol' hoof out, and ran through a set of exercises that should further stretch out the tendon and recover strength in the corresponding muscles.

Then, I went home and tried to repeat the exercises. I nearly fell over when trying the calf stretch against the wall, so nobody's perfect.

The hardest part may be to ensure I stick to the program, as when I get home from work I'm not keen on any physical work, and when I wake up it's a bother as well... so really it comes down to just becoming dedicated and ensuring I make the time for this. After all it's my leg, nobody else is going to do it for me... and lord knows I don't have the money for a full-time, live-in, physio to keep me on my toes, so to speak.

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