Bermuda taxi drivers in spotlight

Since my injury, I've had to make a lot of use of local taxis. Sadly, this has impacted my wallet much more than I had planned at the start of the year, but it is what it is.

Reading two recent articles concerning less-than-useful taxi operators, I have to say it's another classic case of one bad apple (or a few) spoiling the bunch. In a service industry that's reliant on reputation, any bad instance will leave a sour taste in one's mouth for a long time afterwards.

I haven't experienced abusive drivers, although I have had some relatively rude and or selfish ones in the past. My biggest pet peeve at the moment, is only the dispatch/arrival process when I'm ordering one. Most times, I can get a taxi at the required time, however there are a few times when one doesn't show up readily, and there's no notification otherwise. That's frustrating, but it doesn't reach the levels of anger that these folks are claiming from some pretty shoddy experiences.

It's up to the other drivers and the respective governing organizations to demand better from those who are appointed for these roles, as any bad experience reflects badly on everyone, even if not justified. Weed out the inept or uncontrollable ones immediately.

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