When the Achilles gives out on me

Well, there goes the streak of staying
major-surgery-requiring-injury-free. My 2015 volleyball season appears
to have ended the same day it began, and it's extra gut wrenching
because I was really feeling that this spring and summer would see me
really push my fitness levels up a few notches. Instead, my achilles
gives way on a simple step backwards, and I'm looking at months of
immobility and who-knows-how-much recovery and recuperation time.

I feel pretty devastated, to say the least. It also means a planned
summer trip is now on ice, and some of my other plans for the next few
months are kaput.

With 40 coming around the corner, it's probably another reminder of my
own mortality, which I will need to take account of without letting it
depress me. It's not fun, but I now understand a bit more what other
people who've had to deal with similar setbacks in life, have to deal

Well, at least my triceps will get a good workout carrying me around
on these crutches...

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