Being frugal

Every now and then, I think, yes I would like to get some new shirts and pants for work, or another pair of shoes. Lord knows a freaking car would be useful as well.

But, due to the cost of living, I hold off on it. Mortgage, electricity, groceries, little guy's future education, those have to be budgeted for.

Maybe I'm alone in this island or at least one of the few, and maybe this is why some of us get stressed out to the point of depression in such a demanding work/life environment, but sometimes we have to be frugal by necessity. Luckily, I was raised (or nurtured, or whatever) to not spend what I don't have (or can't afford, or don't wish to risk)... sometimes that works out, sometimes it fails because an unexpected expense comes up (or in the past, I had to help someone else out with their own issues... which is another issue altogether).

There have been times where I wish I was more nonchalant, had less of a conscience when it came to spending money. Where I could just roll with the flow, if things got rough I could beg someone else to jump in or do something else. But it's hard to change a learned behaviour such as frugality, perhaps.

The economic situation doesn't look to be abating anytime soon, which is discouraging on another level, and when compiled with feeling your career prospects are merely treading water, things look even more bleak. But what can you do.

Sigh, indeed. [/ramble]

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