Distrusting the Governor

So the hullabaloo that started when the Governor rejected a Parliament-approved request to open a Commission of Inquiry, turned into the Opposition walking out of the House, then a march on Government House, and finally into a request to dissolve Parliament and call for a fresh general election.

Talk about your political stunts.

Behind this call, which surely will be rejected (if not ignored outright), is a belief that there's some form of collusion taking place between the ruling political party and the current Governor.

Here's the thing. Without even a smidgen of evidence, this call is little more than scaremongering by the Opposition.

And somehow, the Opposition likely know this. There is an end-game in mind, but right now nobody not in the inner circle knows for certain what's going to happen next. That could be a cause for concern among the average politically-unaffiliated Bermudian resident.

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