Webbing from back in the day

Dear lord. I went to the Way Back Machine website on a whim because I wanted to see what crazy silliness I put up when I thought I knew how to design a website.

Again,... dear... lord. And no, I'm not going to share with you the original URL from my 'DAG on the Web' days of '99. Only long-time followers of my exploits (of whom I imagine have all forgotten the URL anyway) would be able to guess at it, at best. But try out a site like Pepsi or McDonald's to see their not-so-sharp beginnings on the Web.

But because I'm not a complete arse about the 'early days', I'll show you some screenshots.

Yes, that's an animated gif at bottom-right. Made with GIF Construction Set. Totally hip. Note too the frames. Good news is that I provided a non-frames version of the site. This was back when I thought many people still used Lynx browsers or something.

My circa 2001 site had a splash page complete with Java applet. Can't recall what it was supposed to do, though.

In 2002, I think I started pseudo-blogging. For some reason I still thought white-on-black was bleeding-edge stuff. To the left, I think was one of those web counters in vogue during that time. Thank the Lord that trend died off.

My last page before migrating to BeachLime, extremely minimal at this point. Yes, I rode that weird collage graphic on the right-side the entire time.

But think about this: before even these variations were around, I had a typical faux 90s-cool site, white text on black background, colored 'divider lines', and yes, the dreaded Under Construction logo. This one...

At least it was relatively small. Completely high-tech.

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