Lego Cup Match

Because part of me is still 11 years old, I was inspired to dig up my old Lego collections from the 80s and see if I could come up with a cricket scene for the office Cup Match decorating festivities.

People seemed to enjoy it, I had to do some customisation to produce cricket uniforms for the players but for a first draft at short notice I was pretty happy with the effort. If only Lego wasn't so expensive nowadays, I'd be really enticed to expand on this project in future years. As it is, I'm there are some budding young future engineers and architects in Bermuda that could do a smashing job at creating a miniature Wellington Oval or Somerset Cricket Ground and enter it in those Phoenix Stores competitions they have every year.

Perhaps though, I could add "More lego bricks" to my Christmas list (ahem, for my son, of course... ahem).

A coworker suggested that I go a step further and try to make a video of some of the scenes, but I don't really think I had that kind of time on my hands this year.

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J Starling said...

I like it!

Maybe you can find a whack of lego bricks at one of the charity shops?

Better yet, write to lego and ask them if they would sponsor you? They may think it's a great PR move, after all!