Gambling is already legal in Bermuda

While the current government hems and haws and pretty much remains ineffective, the issue of legalising 'gaming' remains stuck in neutral.

Yes, the OBA painted themselves into a corner by pledging to a referendum which at this time, I'd imagine would fail to pass; however by sitting on their hands instead of at least doing *something*, they're only frustrating the public.

At least former Premier Alex Scott tried to get the ball rolling on discussions for Independence, despite the majority of the public appearing to be against the motion. If the issue of tourism revitalisation is so critical for Bermuda, one would think that after over 6 months in office, something would have started. No Town Halls, debates, nada. Just random soundbites from a few MPs (that may or may not contradict each other as it is). The Green Paper rolled out during the last administration is more than a few years old already.

Just get the ball rolling, and end the uncertainty.

With regard to gambling itself, I've already come out in support of ending the ban on gambling that doesn't fit Bermuda's current exceptions list, because really. There is no difference whatsoever between blackjack and poker tables in a licensed venue and blackjack and poker tables in a fundraiser environment. You put in money, you 'hope' to win rewards, the house comes out on top in most cases. There is no fundamental difference at all.

I can walk to Seahorses, Triple Crown or GameTime and gamble all day on horse racing. I can go to a church hall or club anytime and spend the whole evening putting in cash playing Bingo with the hopes of landing rewards. I could go on the Web and play online poker at any time. So if there's concern that gambling will shred the fabric of society and lead to a proliferation of gambling addicts, why haven't those persons spoken out against those establishments? Even once?

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