Schoolchildren and buses

So the Transport Ministry finally decided to appeal for schoolkids to use dedicated school buses.

(a) Whoop-dee-doo.
(b) As suggested in some of the comments adjacent to the article [Bda Sun] [Bernews], it can be difficult to get particular information on the exact schedules for a particular school.
(c) They simply haven't gone far enough. Someone posting under the name 'Swan' in the Bernews article suggests that the whole 'free rides' gimmick should've only been applied when leaving a particular school, not from the central bus terminal. That indeed may help to cut down on the kids loitering around town, knowing they have a 'free ride' home whenever.

It would be nice indeed if the schoolkids took buses only to and from school (and parents didn't have to drop them to and from, grumble grumble traffic grumble), but there are several other issues with public transportation that haven't been addressed, as well as issues convincing schoolchildren that 3:30-5:30pm isn't "free roam around the City" time.

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