Licence plate snapped in half

This made me laugh. Yesterday I was leaving work and I'm at the junction of Church and Par-la-ville (yeah I know, but this time nobody's running the red light, heh).

One of those black Kia Sportages comes rolling to the traffic light. First thing I notice, is that the licence plate on the front is snapped neatly into two. You can see clearly a pair of 7s on both ends, the left side of it hanging almost vertically.

Second thing I notice, is the woman, sunglasses on and all, is yakking on a cell phone.

I'm not sure if irony is the correct term to use here, but it goes on. Naturally, she inches past a cop car. And of course, it goes unnoticed.

La de la la la. Another day on the anarchy that is Bermuda's roads. La la la.

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