Thieves are SCUM

Serves me right for riding my bike to the ferry stop at Darrell's Wharf, I suppose. In this current climate, people will be lawless and will seize any opportunity to get something for themselves, regardless of how it negatively affects other people.

After getting off the ferry this evening, turns out someone stole BOTH (selfish twat, couldn't even save one for me) of my mirrors and may have been trying to take more than that.

Now this is the second time my bike's been tampered with (the first time, some scumbag hot-wired it for a joy-ride) but it doesn't lessen the anger at the low-lifes the second time around. On top of that, this incident has the additional effects of:
  • making me not want to use the bike, instead getting a car and add to the traffic and parking issues
  • turning me off from using public transport, because the parking bays of course have no security
Anyway, I have no sympathy for thieves and think they all deserve locking up. They disgust me.

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