Drinking in school uniform

The other day I was a bit perplexed. Was on the ferry heading out from town and at Albouys' Point I saw a bunch of fellas congregated around the benches. It's the norm at that time of day for there to be quite a few. They tend to do the usual; talk, smoke, drink out of paper bags.

Then it was pointed out to me that one of the persons was wearing a school uniform.

In broad daylight.

Even weirder, of all the drinks that this wannabe tough guy was chugging before taking the arm of some young girl and walking off, it was a freakin Blue WKD. To each their own, naturally, but you'd expect the beverage of choice being passed around to be a Heineken or even an Amstel Light.

Back in my day (yes I'm sounding old), the kids who snuck beers or cigarettes, took pains to ensure that nobody could see them when they were drinking or smoking. After all, you could get into serious trouble with both the school *and* your parents if caught (not to mention the law).

Well, now we have a schoolkid in plain view of dozens at Albouy's Point and the Ferry Terminal chugging one back.

Quo Fata Ferunt.

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