More cricket woes

After getting comprehensively beaten yet again in a home international, I think it's now officially safe to say that Bermuda cricket has fallen to new lows.

No, I don't want to hear that we lost our senior members to retirement and had to deal with people pulling out at the last minute because wearing national colours pales in comparison to county games, et al. Uganda had a number of issues to deal with in terms of just getting a side over here to play and our team simply wasn't good enough, especially in the four day game.

I used to beat up on the Cricket Europe ratings but I'll defer to them from now on. Sigh. Bermuda cricket, I'll still support and encourage, but there's little optimism or expectations from this uninspiring unit for the forseeable future.


vijayanand said...

Younis khan, the incumbent skipper of Pakistan cricket team , has proclaimed that outwitting India will be his top priority in the Champions Trophy, when the two sides confront on September 26 in Centurion. Earlier team mate spinner Umar Gul also expressed the same. Sunday, and underline Pakistan’s poor record against India in ICC events.
The fact that Pakistan lost two times to India, in 2007 when the twenty-twenty tournaments were introduced had offended the feelings of his teammates, said Younis. Regarding team India as a highly talented one-day side, he said his teammates were looking forward to a vengeance. A long gap has been left since the last victory of Pakistan over India in the 2004 Champions Trophy. Relations between the two countries have been strained after the terror attacks in Mumbai last November, and this tension reflected in cricket too as both the teams have not played withy each other for an year.

vijayanand said...

Soured bats for Dravid On seeing the above title do not think that Soured Gangly has given up his decision to quit from all the versions of the game of cricket and is back in the scene. E mean to say that Soured, nicknamed as ‘Dada’ by the fans has hailed the decision of the selection committee to bring back Rahall David and thereby proving that only form was the problem associated with senior players and age had nothing to do with performance. Sourav expressed hope that the right hander would fare well in the upcoming tri-series. For the past one year Rahu l Dravid – ‘ The wall’ had been away from the one day format of the game. Sourav tried to strengthen his contention by citing the inclusion of Nehra as another example. Sourav’s statement assumes significance in this scenario as we find the three batsmen Laxman, Dravid and Sachin who are at mid thirties of age, delivering a consistent good performance.
Five players who were part of the squad that defeated West Indies in the latter’s soil failed to earn a place in the newly announced squad. Dines kart hick was lucky to be included as the last man replacing the recovering Sehwag. The same squad will be retained for both the traceries (in which Srilanka and Newzealand are other participants) and the following Champions trophy to take place in South Africa. Suresh Raina- A player who had established his capability many a time missed out previous tournaments due to a broken thumb has recovered completely. He is back in the squad. Selectors have shown mercy on the other player Yusuf pathan.

Tryangle said...

Peachy, I'm going to have to ban this fella.

Firstly, I blame India (and the ICC) for the state of cricket in the first place, so the last thing I want on a post about Bermuda cricket is something about Indian cricket. A billion vs 60 thousand, and yet he posts it in a Bermuda arena. Sheesh.