Cockroaches, Hell's sentinels

Personally I've always despised the standard flies more than any other creepy crawling thing if only for their tenacity at buzzing around, defecating every time they land and being a general irritant to me, but today was one of those days when my ire at the insect kingdom was switched to the great insect survivor.

And in Bermuda, many of the roaches have wings developed enough to glide and fly around.

Which can be startling even for a seasoned battler of Bermuda bugs. This morning I was alerted to a roach on the bathroom door. Gathering up the not-as-trusty-as-the-1980s version of Baygon and a handy sneaker for the coup de grace I entered the bathroom and spotted said roach lounging around.

Not in a good position to nail it with my shoe, I fired a slight stream of Baygon to try to get it to move to the wall or drop to the floor.

Nope, it goes into aerial mode.

I quickly step backwards, forgetting momentarily that this is a small bathroom. The back of my legs hit the tub and I tumble backwards. Reaching outwards instinctively, I only succeed in grabbing the shower curtain, which promptly collapses, taking the tension rod with it. I land painfully in the tub, the shower curtain all about me and the rod on my chest.

The roach? It ran to a spot near the toilet where I think the spray got it squirming. At least that's what my wife said; I was too busy trying to shake off the pain and (more) embarrassment. She wished she had a camera to take a precious memory of the incident, I said I would have to kill her if she did.

Cockroaches are evil and hell-spawned and are now my sworn enemy for life. Die, vermin.


J Starling said...


At least the tub wasn't full of water! Bwahahahaha

I have to admit I have a phobia of sharks and cockroaches. One of my worst nightmares was to fall off a dock due to an aerial cockroach attack, at night, and find myself surrounded by sharks. Its stupid I know.

Seriously though, I really hate them. Then send me into a psychotic rage - I've almost smashed my laptop just to kill one of them. Admire them from an evolutionary point of view. But I like to admire them from afar and with some big ass shoes by my side...

ms cute pants said...

It's the female roaches that can fly and one should NEVER try to kill it with a shoe. Chances are it may be carrying eggs on their legs which will fly off in every direction, spreading them all over. The best way is to raid or baygon their asses.

Also, placing Bay leaves in cabinets etc will help. Them roaches don't like the scent of bay leaves.

I never had to deal with roaches until I moved to Bermuda and here in Cayman it is no different!