Thanks, people

In the Facebook age, I've come to discover that six degrees of separation is more than a figure of speech. Turns out that wedding pix and the like can be found all over the place. Shoot, I came into work the other day and my co-workers were all "great wedding, loved the photos" before I even had a chance to tell them anything. Cool, but a little bit scary, heh.

Thanks again to my new greatly-extended family... I have a whole bunch of new in-laws, not to mention all the young cousins who were absolute angels at the reception. Gotta give a big thanks to my groomsmen who helped to ease (and sometimes stress) my mind when needed. The young ladies in the bridal party I also extend my thanks, couldn't have done this without you. And of course my parents and sister who have been really helpful in recent months.

At the risk of sounding like a television host, I have to show love to the people and businesses who provided the services to make the ceremony and reception a success. Forgive me if I have not included you in this list. Jane and the staff at El Shaddai, Bermuda's best florists. Top shelf before, top shelf afterwards. The folks at Bermuda Rentals for having the tables and heaters set up to enhance the night. The official photographer, Duvon Powell, for making us all feel natural and at ease. The best chauffeur on show (and prettiest). Our DJs for the evening, Damon and DJ Kaos. Taylor Rankin who played some beautiful music on the violin. Anthony's was very helpful in getting our tuxedos and accessories for the big day.

And a special shout of appreciation to Angelo and all the staff at Splendido at Horizons for providing an exceptional location and service to us. I'm forever grateful.

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Hey, I meant to say congrats by the way!