Bermuda cricket drops a tier

The dream of a repeat appearance in the Cricket World Cup for Bermuda has been demolished. Another loss in which the team allowed the Dutch to put on over 100 runs in the last ten overs in no small part to not having someone capable of bowling at the death to the tailenders, not to mention the 20 runs coming from wides alone. Deservedly so, Bermuda will lose its ODI status and likely end up in international cricket limbo for the next couple of years.

As James Whittaker mentions in the TalkSport blog, other teams just seemed to be more cohesive in all facets of the game and showed more grit and determination in all phases of the game. He also brings up the shortcomings of the national programme as far as getting home ODIs and better facilities in place despite an encouraging youth programme.

Where next? Well since there won't be much international cricket in the near future, it's probably time for a thorough overhaul of everything. Whether it starts at the Board and works its way to the players or not, it should be considered. There are good young players who could be groomed to be Bermuda's next representatives, it's a question of finding those who have the willingness to learn and be coached (and take a little criticism instead of feeling they're God's gift to Bermuda cricket) and going from there. I think even going across the sports divide to recruit guys like Shaun Goater and David Bascome who are living proof of men who have had to work really hard to make it as professionals, to assist with the psychological and training aspects of the game, is worth a thought.

With a far smaller population than the other Associate countries and the sport having more potential to grow there, it's going to be harder than ever to keep pace with emerging cricket nations. But with the rich cricket-loving heritage still in place (yes give our kids a cricket bat at age 2), Bermuda has a chance to regain a place at the top tier.

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