Literally, it's figurative

People here are excited about Bermuda beating Trinbago in World Cup qualification last weekend and are looking forward to the return leg and a chance to qualify for the group stages (and potential matches against Cuba, Guatemala and the United States).

But anyway, my grammar police radar was on full alert when former Attorney General and head of the Bermuda Football Association threw out this gem:
"Literally, it's a full scale war and so we ask every Bermudian to give their all to make sure we win," he said. "It will be a tall order because Trinidad are coming for war as well."
Whoops... if it was literal then I need to get me some bullet-proof vests. But seriously, people are always misusing the term 'literally' when the correct term should be 'figuratively'. Sigh. Now about that Hopkins report, does it cover these issues?

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Anonymous said...

Literally, indeed. Ahhh, Bermuda. I miss poking fun at it from behind the scenes.