Chaos abounds

Been away from the blogging for a bit. During this time period I've experienced:
  • Internet access malfunctioning (still the case)
  • My PC monitor dying (after owning it for less than three years, I'm estimating)
  • and my month-old bike being stolen from a open-space parking lot during daylight hours from a Hamilton car park.
Yeah, I've been pretty pissed to say the least.

Meanwhile Bermuda at large has undergone, unfortunately:
  • a murder of a young teenager, which is truly an enormous tragedy that's truly depressing and my condolences to the family
  • another death on the roads, while Government pats outgoing senators on their efforts in the field of road safety
  • Parliamentary sessions become farces with the whole press release claiming to be from the Speaker of the House scenario, followed by pointless and nasty ramblings in the House after the Department of Tourism sponsored an event hosted at the Playboy mansion
Yep, plenty of reasons to feel optimistic about where this country is headed.


Anonymous said...

Sad but true DAG!


Anonymous said...

Hey man, just wanted to send you an invite to join Bermuda's newest blogging community at - Chingas.bm !

Anonymous said...

So this is what you mean by "Another thing that has happened..." comment on my blog. Well I will be in Bermuda tomorrow for a week and am going to catch up on all that I have been missing!